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Gulp! is by Gabriella Goddard, a top executive coach with a passion for challenging people to think, act, and be game changers - in their life and their work. She wrote Gulp! for brave people who are ready to step outside their comfort zone and step up to the challenges in their life to make their dreams happen.

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"Gulp! - the 7 day crash course to master fear and break through any challenge" is the essential practical everyday guide designed to inspire real people to make real changes in their life. Gulp! provides a 7 day roadmap to turn your “gulp” moments of change, into opportunities for success.

Maybe you want to make a big career change or start your own business? Or maybe you dream of writing a book or learning the art of public speaking? Or maybe you feel the pull of adventure to trek Machu Picchu or work in an African orphanage? Or maybe it’s simply time to be more confident, stand up to others and follow your own path in life.

Whatever your situation, Gabriella takes you by the hand and coaches you through a practical 7 day roadmap to help you build the inner courage and confidence to face your fears and step into the unknown.

Working through the Gulp! 7 day roadmap is easy. Each day provides you with food for thought, inspiring stories, insightful questions and practical activities to help you successfully step through your challenge. Gabriella will show you how to:
  • Use your imagination to shatter the status quo - and do the things you never thought were possible
  • Understand your fear triggers – and the strategies to disarm them
  • Cultivate the calm, well-being, and energy to overcome any challenge
  • Turn off the naysayers, doubters, and those who hold you back

But most of all she will motivate you to STOP making excuses and START taking action – right NOW!

praise for gulp!

  • Gulp! - read this book and there really are no more excuses for not living and having the life you really want. This brilliant book gives you a practical roadmap on how to transform fear into inspired action.
    Suzy Greaves, Author and Top Coach
  • Reading Gulp! is like having a best friend with wonderful inspiration, clarity and compassion. Gabriella is an expert at helping you find out where you really want to go in life and how to get there.
    Bob Griffiths, Author and Top Coach
  • Gabriella exudes such positive energy, creativity and compassion. Highly intuitive, she balances a natural sense of fun with the serious business of helping people achieve genuine results.
    Carole Gaskell, Author and Managing Director
  • Hold on to your hat, this will be the ride of your life.
    Sarah Newton, Author and TV Presenter
  • Gabriella is fantastic at helping you think outside the box.
    Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Author and TV Presenter
  • An honest, authentic and inspiring guide to listening to your heart, facing your fears and following your dreams. This book is excellent for anyone at a crossroads in their life.
    Nick Williams, Author and Inspirational Speaker

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